Ol Donyo Orok Day Hike

The Ol Donyo Orok, also known as Namanga Hill, soars to an elevation of 2,548m above sea level, towering over the vast surrounding semi-arid lowland like a lone sentinel, 22km from its closest neighbor Mt Longido on the Tanzanian side of the border. Situated about 170km south of Nairobi at the border town of Namanga between Kenya and Tanzania, it is shaped like an arrow pointing north, stretching about 17km north to south, 10km east to west at its broadest, and covering an area of 11,860 hectares

The hill is a gazetted natural forest reserve that serves as a water catchment for Namanga Town and the surrounding area. Its largely unexploited vegetation makes it one of few intact forests in Kenya, with minimal harvesting of construction poles by the local Masaai community for building their huts. The boulder strewn Namanga River cuts a deep gorge through the mountain, and spots caves used by Masaai Moran’s in some of their rituals.