Meru National Park Camping

Meru National Park covers an area of 870 km²; it is one of the most famous known parks of Kenya, located in part of a vast expanse of savanna in the basin of the Tana River on the relatively rainy eastern side of Mount Kenya. Meru National Park has three bordering parks and reserves. Bisanadi National Reserve forms the continuation of the park to the East, while on the other side of the Tana River, to the South, lie North Kitui National Reserve and the much bigger Kora National Park. These three wildlife areas are not yet easily accessed. Meru National Park gets the most of its waters from Nyambene Hills, the park gets progressively drier as you head southeast towards the Tana River, where the altitude averages around 300m and temperatures are correspondingly higher, Because of the many south-east-flowing Rivers, much of the park feels like a assortment of long islands sandwiched between the rivers, with park roads gyrating back and forth over crossing points

Day 1 -Nairobi - Nanyuki - Meru 
Day 2 -Meru National park 
Day 3 -Meru - Nairobi

What to Carry: Resident ID cards/Passport Sleeping bag or Blanket & Maasai shuka, comfortable walking shoes, binoculars, extra 
drinking water & snacks,personal effects and a fun attitude

Charges Ksh15000 which caters for Transport(Overland Truck)

 Food,Camping,Entrance Park Fees