Mt Longonot Hike

As you drive from Nairobi along the upper escarpment road to Naivasha, the breathtaking view of Mt Longonot beckons you to the left, barely 60km out of Nairobi. A dormant volcano estimated to have last erupted in the mid 1800s, and standing at an estimated 750m above the floor of the Great Rift Valley and 2787m above sea level, this colossus dominates the adjoining landscape, with lava canyons on its steep slopes, and a circular caldera over a kilometer in diameter.  A number of viewpoints on the highway have become popular stopovers for motorists drawn by the splendor of this magnificent view.

The whole mountain is a National Park is managed by Kenya Wildlife Services. It is home to several wild animals including buffalos, antelopes, leopards and 

pythons most of which live in the dense forest covering the crater floor.