3 Days Ngangao Forest (Taita Hills)

It is home to one of the few remaining indigenous tropical rain forests that are part of the Taita Hills.

Its covers an area of 147 hectares altitude 1,952m

All the Taita Endemics   are hosted in this forest

The canopy forest has numerous medicinal  trees, As a consequence, the Taita   people of the neighboring villages go to into the forest and to harvest branches and roots of the plants.

From the forest you get a panoramic view of the many hills in Taita (Chawia, Vuria, Iyale-rocky outcrop) as well as catch a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro and the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania.

Right across Ngangao forest, the Vuria Hill stares back at you (2208m). It is the highest point in the Coast region.

Accommodation: Taita Rocks Hotel


Day 1: Depart from Nairobi @ 0630hrs, stopover will be at Hunter’s Lodge where lunch will be served,

A short bird walk will be conducted in the Lodge compound, before proceeding with the safari to Taita


Day 2: Breakfast ,then head to Ngangao forest for the walking and birding in the forest

Day 3: Leave for Nairobi  after breakfast