Mt Suswa Crater & Caving

Mt Suswa has a low-lying unassuming profile, belying the spectacular views you encounter up close. Most visitors to this part of the Great Rift Valley are drawn to the outwardly more well known bypassing this magnificent volcano that is larger and endowed with some of the most unlikely and amazing formations occurring in nature. Its proximity to Nairobi also makes it an ideal day hike

Activities: Hiking, bird watching, site seeing & caving.

Preparations: Wear sturdy shoes & clothing. A cap, sunglasses an

d sun screen will also come in handy to protect you from the 

sun. Also bring your picnic lunch, extra drinking water, binocular, walking stick & camera

N/B - it takes 2-3hrs to drive form Nairobi to the inner crater hiking starting point, so it is prudent to depart early if you plan to do all the 

activities(hiking 2356mts & caving) 

the road is dusty and stony